Repetition is one of the secrets of good design.

Repetition is one of the secrets of good design and we are fascinated by it and how we can use it in our interior design schemes. It’s well known that repetition brings a sense of interest and uniformity which is pleasing to the eye because of its familiarity. Familiarity brings comfort and warmth and makes us feel secure but on the other hand it can be dull and boring. The trick is to find the right repetition which will bring both excitement and comfort.Repetition can be of shape, colour, size and form. The use of repetition gives a  pattern. Pattern can be used in fabrics and wallpapers or can be the combination of like objects in a space.

The most commonly used form of repetition is symmetry, where objects are repeated as a mirror image and this creates a sense of balance and harmony.

This room scheme is calm and balanced but not dull. The room is square which easily divides into two for a mirror image and has beams in the ceiling which emphasises the symmetry. There is a main beam running to the centre of the focal point, which is the fireplace with the shelving units either side. If the room is divided down this central beam there is also a lamp on either side and a console table with identical drawer patterns on either side of the line. Despite the mirror imagery a jolt to the eye is provided by the asymmetry of the sheep statues and the jar.

In this series on repetition in design we will look at how it can be used to create drama, wonder and joy. We are using photos that we have taken in our work and travels which have excited us and we want to share with you. We have grouped the images into six key repetition styles which we will show in six separate blogs.

  • Repetition of identical objects in shape, size and colour.
  • Repetition of the same object but differing in size, shape and colour.
  • Repetition of shape but with a different object.
  • Repetition in display.
  • Humour in repetition in art.
  • Grouping of items in odd numbers – usually a threesome.

We hope you enjoy the series and please get in touch to share your thoughts with us.