Is your kitchen fit for purpose?

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and never more so than during Lockdown. With restaurants, cafes and takeaways closed and trips to the supermarket less frequent many of us have discovered the importance and joy of good home cooking in our own kitchen. Being at home all day has given many the opportunity to learn to cook or to be more adventurous with recipes. As a result, the kitchen has become a busy place with several adults and children all together in the kitchen joining in the fun. Here are some tips to consider whether you are planning a new kitchen or just want to make small changes.

Top Tip No 1

Set the kitchen up for several cooks. Buy additional utensils such as chopping boards, vegetable peelers and knives, so that two or more can prepare food at the same time. If space allows invest in an additional work surface such as an island on wheels which can be moved out of the way when not needed.

Top Tip No 2

Increase storage. During lockdown we learnt to buy food on a weekly basis rather than daily. To store extra food, turn a cupboard into a larder by adding pull out baskets. If freezer space is limited change a base unit into a drawer freezer.

Top Tip No 3

If you are planning to replace your kitchen consider using materials that are known to be more resistant to bacteria and viruses. Steel, granite and quartz are good for worktops but copper and its alloys are well known for their anti bacterial properties and can be used for handles and cooking utensils.

Top Tip 4

It is important to have good ventilation in the kitchen and to maintain good air quality. Good air flow not only clears food cooking smells but assists in the removal of air borne viruses. The easiest way to do this is to have a good extractor turned on during cooking or to open the windows.

Top Tip 5

The sink area in any kitchen is used for washing fruit and vegetables and washing up dishes. However, to maintain food hygiene it must be suitable for a speedy hand wash and dry for at least 2 people. In this situation two sinks in the kitchen can be helpful. However, if this is not possible make sure you have a soap dispenser and hand towel nearby and don’t rinse your hands onto dishes in the sink.