Excercising at home

We all know the importance of exercise for our physical and mental wellbeing. This became obvious during Lockdown when we were restricted in the amount of outdoor exercise that we could take. However, many people took the opportunity to find a new hobby and exercise either in the garden or in their home.

If you are building an extension or even a new house now might be the time to plan a small Gym or exercise area.

If you are staying put we have some tips to help you designate an exercise spot at home to allow everyone to exercise.

Top Tip 1

  • Choose a spot where the furniture can be quickly and easily moved to give you space to exercise or better still find space saving furniture. Look at this cool idea.


Top Tip 2

Use beams, if available, to hang TRX or boxing/punch bag

Top Tip 3

Leave a clear space large enough for an exercise or yoga mat on the floor. Position it in front of a TV screen if you like to follow guided exercise routines.

Top Tip 4

If you are buying a treadmill look for one that folds if you are restricted on space.

Top Tip 5

Keep all equipment at one end of a room to form a small gym area. Include a bench to lift weights and store the weights on a stand

Top Tip 6

Maintain good ventilation or set up in a cooler place in the house with big windows, air conditioning or a fan.

Top Tip 7

Make sure you have good storage for all the exercise accessories.

Top Tip 8

Exercise with your pet for company!!!