Out of Proportion

Architects and interior designers follow certain rules with regards to proportions. Those rules aim at achieving a natural flow, which is easy on the eye, and a good functionality. By manipulating proportions, the interior designer is creating a WOW factor.…


Excercising at home


Is your kitchen fit for purpose?


How Lockdown has changed the future of our homes – The Home Office


Double winners for the second year running!


Repetition of identical objects in shape, size and colour.


House or Houzz?


Interior design as individual as you
A boutique interior design studio that concentrates on you and your lifestyle

From initial consultation through to design and execution:

Space and layout optimisation

Style advice and implementation

New build and refurbished interiors

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Your lifestyle. Your space.

Everyone is different. I have a reputation for maximising the potential of the space with creativity. This helps me to deliver both a beautiful and practical solution.

I love a challenge!

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